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Volvo FM 動力傳輸系統

符合您作業所需以及作業環境的合適動力與控制功能。 現在您可以訂製更符合您需求的 Volvo FM 動力傳輸系統。 您會具備順利完成作業的動力,同時能以最有效率的方式使用燃料。 您投入的心血將得到倍數的回報,這就是獲利。


Our range of Euro 6 step E engines has been meticulously engineered to save fuel without compromising performance. They are our most efficient diesel engines ever and save fuel on every single stroke. The D11 range stretches from 330 hp to 460 hp, while the D13 engines offer 420 hp to 500 hp. For the Volvo FM, gas-powered engines are also available as well as all-electric alternatives – offering low emissions along with outstanding performance and range.


Regardless of which engine you choose for your Volvo FM, you’ll have access to an impressive level of torque within a wide range of engine speeds. The result is excellent driveability and low fuel consumption.

Alternative fuels

If you really want to bring down your environmental footprint, you can choose the Volvo FM LNG. It runs on either liquefied natural gas or liquefied biogas, making it possible to achieve a totally fossil-free operation. On top of that, you can run all our diesel engines on either diesel or HVO. Want to run on biodiesel? There are special versions of the Volvo FM that make it possible.

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I-Shift is an entire range of automated gearboxes that makes driving easier, safer and more comfortable. There’s no heavy clutch pedal, and no stick to wrestle with. Every gear change is perfectly timed – automatically. A range of software packages lets you tailor the I-Shift for your needs. There are features available for the I-Shift that enable one pedal driving in certain situations. For the Volvo FM, you can also get your I-Shift with crawler gears or with the I-Shift Dual Clutch.

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