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Volvo FM – 您的行動辦公室

繁忙的行程需要正確的工具,您的日常作業才會更為順利。 Volvo FM 是蓄勢待發的駕駛員工作場所,結合了優異舒適性、敏捷性、便利性和絕佳視野。 根據工作內容打造自己的貨車。

Tailored for you

Your Volvo FM built for your needs

Power tailored for your assignment

The details about the Volvo FM powertrains

The next step in evolution

A new, modern profile – in better shape than ever

Quick Volvo FM facts

Engine outputs: 330–500 hp
Six cab sizes
Diesel, biodiesel, HVO, LNG and Electric
Tractor or rigid truck
Detailed info in specifications

Customised for your productivity

A chassis made for your work

Wide range of services

Get even more out of your operation

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Volvo FM 重點介紹

人們對於 Volvo FM 的評價為何?

由於 Volvo 的核心價值與我們完全契合,所以我們如今已全數採用 Volvo。




Volvo FM FAQ

It can be tailor-made for a wide spectrum of transport assignments. Beyond the range of cab choices and powertrains, the chassis can be optimised for transport ranging from urban deliveries to container, bulk and construction. The new Volvo FM cab offers a premium level comfort over long distances, while also being convenient to get into.

If you want to, you can get your Volvo FM with a sturdy tandem drive bogie. It offers a great combination of load capacity, traction and fuel efficiency – especially with the Tandem Axle Lift. It will take you far in tough conditions. However, if you really need a driven front axle, we recommend that you look closer at the Volvo FMX.

It depends on what version you choose. The day cabs are made to give you the space you need to drive and manage your assignments while optimising the length of the load carrier. The sleeper cabs and the Globetrotter cab offer plenty of room and great comfort for overnight stays.

The Volvo FM offers a convenient entry which is great if you get in and out of the cab more frequently. You also sit close to the ground and have very good visibility close to the truck. In the Volvo FH cab, you are seated higher up and have more space and a flat floor. The choice is up to you and what you prioritise.

Yes you can! All our D11 and D13 engines can run on HVO and some of them run on biodiesel. Beyond that, we offer two engines that can run on liquefied natural gas or biogas (LNG), which will reduce your environmental footprint considerably.

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