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Volvo FH16 底盤

您需要一輛具有可應付各種任務底盤的貨車。 我們使用保證能經久耐用的零組件和系統為您量身打造底盤,讓您能得以順暢作業。 這是您可以信任的作業車輛。

Volvo FH16 是奔馳在路上的精密工具。 您可以配備全氣墊懸吊系統,既可以進行長途運輸,又可以運用於營建業中。 Volvo 智慧型動態轉向系統的操控性和駕駛手感是其他車輛無法比擬的。

我們可以為您打造一輛隨時都能在嚴酷的環境下載運極重的貨物,或能不辱使命即時完成長途運輸的 Volvo FH16。 這一切都是以相同的底盤概念為出發點。 Volvo FH16 可以依照各種需要充足動力與駕駛性能的應用方式進行改造。

Tandem Axle Lift

Use the axle lift, but only when you need it. The Tandem Axle Lift allows the rearmost drive axle to be disengaged and raised when you unload. Just like a tag axle, this greatly improves the turning radius, reduces tyre wear and brings down fuel consumption. 

More about the Tandem Axle Lift

Five axles straight from the factory

Transporting heavy loads? You can get a five-axle truck delivered direct from the factory. You’ll get your truck quicker and reduce customisation costs. And you’ll get a truck with a complete vehicle type approval. You’ll also benefit from a full Volvo warranty and our aftermarket support – which can lower your long-term operating costs.

Options for a fast build

Numerous specification options make your Volvo FH16 quick and easy to prep for any type of superstructure bodies. The electronic Bodybuilder Module is simple to use, while Volvo Bodybuilder Instructions provide online access to all the technical drawings and wiring diagrams needed. Everything to fine-tune your operation.

Prepared for bodybuilding